ÖkoMotion is a technology company offering bike electrification and developing cost-effective, safe, and fast solutions for environmentally-friendly commute in cities.  


Car and especially public transport aren't always the best solution for the convenient and fast commute in the city. 

In ÖkoMotion we know that light electric vehicles very often are a much better solution for that purpose and we aim to make those vehicles affordable, safe, and comfortable!

We offer a range of different solutions, from quick and affordable bicycle electrification to custom-made personalized products.



First of all, we are engineers and developers, professionals in our field. Each team member has his own direction in which he works. But when we work together, we get products like:

  • Electrical chopper
  • E-Scooter
  • Charging Station

We can offer technical consultations and prepearing drawing in:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mecanical engineering
  • 2D draws & 3D Modeling


So the solution we have for this is quite simple, yet elegant. In OkoMotion we offer bike electrification. We take the regular bike you already have and turn it into electrical one. Give an old bike a new life, instead buying a new one and thinking what to do with an old one. In workshop we can offer:


  •  Maintenance and repair
  •  E-Viecle service
  •  Custom solutions


  • Problem detection
  • Electrificarion service
  • Battery repair


At ÖkoMotion, we have our own vision of an urban light electric vehicle that would suit any terrain and weather conditions. To date, we have tested a scooter and an electric chopper. The electric chopper is ready and we are starting a pre-order campaign.



Light electric transport burst into our lives so quickly and on such a large scale that the infrastructure simply did not have time to be built.

  • No infrastructure for charging light electric vehicles
  • Electricity with which we charge our vehicles is still not green

Our solution is quite simple, we propose to build an entire network of solar-powered charging stations in order to be able to store vehicles, charge, and generate energy.

What are the benefits of our solution?

  • Using space wisely
  • Generation of energy from alternative sources
  • Monitoring and remote controll system
  • Possible working in 2 mode off-grid and on-grid
  • Our design is quite simple and can be used to improve existing parking solutions.

Our journey

ÖkoMotion has been founded upon personal interest in light electric vehicles and grew from an idea in the garage to the StartUp with concrete goals and own vision. The team has been formed in September 2020 at the broadly known start-up event StarterIdea Tallinn. Since then the team took a course on the development and improvements to offer a reliable service and quality products to our clients.

Partners & Mentors

New, better and affordable solutions in the light electric vehicles sector